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Wedding photographer in Milan has always been synonymous with RPS wedding photography, the best wedding photo studio based in the italian capital of desing and fashion.

As skilled story tellers, we describe your wedding by images with our artistry.

The unique and elegant style, the spontaneous images, the big international experience of the photographers of RPS wedding photograpy characterized our studio by ant other wedding photographer in Milan.

Italians craftsmen to whom we rely, to pack hand your albums and your precious boxes for prints, they provide the highest quality products.

The story of a wedding day begins with preparations, continues with the emotion of the ceremony and ends with the bridal party, until the cake cutting and the dances.

RPS Wedding Photography follows all these phases, giving the maximum of availability. If our customer need, we also provide a prewedding service and, sometimes, we have the honor to portray the bride and the groom during and after waiting for their babies, in newborn services.

RPS Milan will appeal to careful and discerning couples who want to remember thier perfect and unique wedding, which tells of their meeting, the growth of emotions, the culmination of a dream, until the birth of a child.

The photographer must ensure reliability, availability, commitment and, above all, creativity and imagination.

Taking a cue from the Anglo-Saxon world, we do our work as would a english or american wedding photographer, with a maximum discretion, snatching the most exciting moments and details of your special day and turning them into unique images, full of unforgettable emotions. 

The wedding photographer in Milan, very often, is working closely with the best wedding planners, the best locations and the best catering services dealing with ceremony. RPS wedding photography gives them the right reliability and they know they can count on the best wedding photographer in Milan.

The wedding photographers of Milan and Province are quite many and the choice for a couple of bride and groom's really hard.

However, rarely encountered a real international wedding photographer in Milan, admitted to participate in top world competitions: a wedding photographer in Milan, chosen by foreign customers who have evaluated our beautiful Italy, as the best location to get married.

Do not hesitate to contact and ask your wedding photographer in Milan prices and services. We will meet and we will find together the best solution to you.

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